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Since I was pressed for one, here it is. Do I expect anyone to get me anything from this list for me? Oh no. No, no, no, no. no, no, no. I know they are expensive and/or hard to find and/or down right impossible to obtain. I would not do that to you, my friends, oh no. But this is a wishlist after all. Also this is posted way late anyway. XD I made this public since the person who pressed me to make this does not have an account on Livejournal so I'll be lazy and just link her to this.

01. Get car all nice and ready for the big move to NY. (Oil change, alignmenty things, car stuff, ugh)
02. Have enough money for the gas to get to NY and the hotel cause as MUCH as I'd LOVE to get there in one day, s'not gonna happen.
03. Be able to get all my stuff to fit in one or two cars and give dad what ever I can't sell. (THANK YOU ANGIE FOR SAYING YOU'LL COME WITH ME!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!)
04. An MP3 player so I have music for my drive up to NY since my stereo/radio in my car does not work and has NEVER worked in the time I have owned it. Silence is nice, but for 1463 miles? I want to not be crazy when I see my mom XD
05. Money to send mom so she has enough to keep warm this winter. (Woodstoves are amazing with the heating so long as you have wood for it... more ughs)

Fandom Things:
01. You-san. LOL I kid, but then again... okay, okay anything with Gackt or You in it XD
02. ブレス YOU model bracelet “earth” from h-darts/darkside inhabitants Size M
03. Gackt Photobook Mizerable "Unmei" 1999 w/OBI (The obi is nice but if one were to get this for me I would not object to the lack of one. Beggars cannot be choosers.)
04. YOUエコバック・紺 (Eco Bag) from You's Official Webbie
05. Aokubi Daikon Plushies of amazing awesomeness!!!! Erm... cute cuddly radishes?
06. Gackt's Setsugetsuka/Setsugekka ~The End of Silence~/Zan Single
07. Anything Fuurin/Furin Kazan with Gackt as Kagetora
08. Final Fantasty 7: Crisis Core (but to play it I would need a...)

02. 16GB or 32GB USB Flash Drive (or...)
03. A reliable USB External Hard Drive (320GB or more... I was trying not to be specific but I found out I have like 190Gigs to get off someone's comp before I leave >_< Darn you Furin Kazan, Mr. Brain and other shows I heart!)

04. Cannon Digital SLR camera*

Food and Stuff?:
01. Nong Shim: Neoguri Udon Type Spicy Seafood Noodles
02. Contrex Water (Cause darn it I am curious to see what High Mineral water tastes like! XDD)
03. Spicy Noodles of yum! (Any kind!)

Pipe Dreams of Awesome: (Beware I let loose with this one XD)
01. Meeting You
02. Meeting Gackt
03. Becoming a member of Dears
04. YOU CURRY! Both look yum but I am a spicy girl. XD Too bad this is darn near impossible to get unless you are a Dear going to a Gakuen Event. (^^;) OMG thank you Tasheen and Krysi!
05. You DIM Minimee Ball Joint Doll Head
06. You Ball Joint Doll (and Gackt, and Genesis, and ah! Stopping...)
07. Rosetta Stone for Korean and/or Japanese
08. Gackt's nine*nine box set
09. Gackt's Flower Single (Dears Ed.)
10. Jean Paul Gaultier CLASSIQUE Eau de Toilette (maybe I wont be allergic to it?)
11. Bvlgari Omnia (The red... can I say bottle? Container thing? It's shapped funny.)

[* Technically falls under "Pipe Dreams of Awesome" then again this whole post could be called that. LOL]

More Realistically Speaking and VERY Much Loved:
01. Fanfic
02. Fanart
03. Virtual hugs and kisses
04. A nice email
05. Things that don't cost my friends a penny
06. A high quailty download of Gackt at the Asian Music Festival in Korea on Sept. 19th 2009 singing Redemption
07. Popcorn... yeah don't ask XD

Edit: Also... cheap gloves and a cheap ice scraper for my car. My good lore its COLD! (Currently 19 degress in Oklahoma of all places!)

Date: 2009-12-04 09:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Nong Shim: Neoguri Udon Type Spicy Seafood Noodles

Al~~right, up high! Nong Shim FTW!

...Um...I'm not panicking, but I'm freaking out. I'm suddenly having second thoughts about what I got you >_>

Date: 2009-12-07 06:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah no! No freaking out! I'll love whatever you send me because YOU sent it. ♥


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