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Title: That Boy is a Monster (One Shot)
Author: Liz ([ profile] gaurweth)
Beta: none
Rating: NC-17?
Genre: Romance, slight humour, and umm I have no clue.
Pairing: You/Gackt/You
Warnings: language, mild smut, m/m love, and somewhat AUish in the beginning.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: You meets Gackt at a bar and everything changes for him.
Word count: 1,347
Critique welcomed: Sure.

I wasn’t into men, or at least, not until I met him. Before him, I was content with my life. I was content with the empty, fake relationships with women who’d just leave in the end. I didn’t think it’d ever bother me since I enjoyed being in a band and, ultimately, that was what I wanted.

I remember meeting him, those sharp blue eyes, that smile, and the music being loud but the rest was a bit of a blur. I’d been drinking with the guys since the band called it a day at the studio – we finished our demo and we were all out having fun celebrating, but then we never needed a reason to drink or have a good time.

He came up to me with that smile and a mischievous glint in those stunning blue eyes – the personification of confidence — then offered me a drink. I should have said no and politely stepped away, but those eyes wouldn’t let me go. It reminded me of a cat and mouse game and I was the mouse, but I couldn’t say that I really minded. He said his name was Gackt. Such an odd name for someone so exotic, but then, in a way it suited him. I had a good buzz going and this feline was extremely attractive even for a man so I figured why not? It was just a drink after all.

Maybe it was all the alcohol I ended up drinking that got me where I was, but when I woke up I was home and had one hell of a hangover. I tried to think about how I got from the bar to my apartment and what happened when I noticed Gackt was in bed with me; we were both naked. I nearly yelled and fell out of my bed. Did I? With him? Did we? I didn’t feel sore so did that mean we didn’t? But then why would we be naked and in the same bed? I groaned as glimpses of the night flashed through my head. We danced and we drank. Did he kiss me? Did I let him?

As I got up I looked at him. He was beautiful sleeping there in my bed and strangely familiar. Where did I see this man before? Gackt wasn’t someone who blended in with the crowd, no, he definitely stood out, but why couldn’t I place where I’d seen him before?

When he woke up I held my breath as if it would have made me invisible and again he smiled at me.

“Morning, sexy,” he hummed, “Can’t say anyone’s ever taken me home and fucked me so thoroughly on the first night.”

So we did have sex. Did that mean I was gay now? I could tell he was watching me with those eyes. He was probably amused at how flustered I was getting and was having the time of his life because he got up with a slight hiss and came over to crush my lips with his. I moaned. Then I pulled away even more flustered than before.

“You’re cute when you blush.” He chuckled at me. It sounded amazing, almost like music. Was I still drunk? “So, it’s late and I should get going. Care to help me home? We took your car.”

Now my head really hurt. I drove home drunk? My band mates let me? I’d have to yell at them later.

“Ah, sure. Where do you live?” I couldn’t just kick him out and I still wanted to find out where I knew him from. “I’ll walk you to the train station or I can drive you.”

There was that smile again. “Can you just drive me? It’s not far from here at all.”

He pulled me into another kiss and I groaned feeling our skin touch. Fuck. We were still naked. I pulled away and felt my face heat as he laughed.

“I think I like you. Come home with me~” He hummed again and pressed his body against mine. It felt good, it shouldn’t have but it did and I was groaning again. “Or I can fuck you right here. Seems only fair to return the pleasure~ I promise it’ll feel good.”

Wait. He wanted to fuck me? I didn’t have time answer when he pushed me back on the bed and crawled on top of me. For being so rough, he was extremely gentle. It hurt at first but it wasn’t long before he had me moaning his name. I felt him shift inside me and hit something that made me tense. It felt so damn good.

After we reached our orgasms he smiled and stroked my hair as he watched me catch my breath. We stayed like that for a long time before he pecked my lips.

“You look even more beautiful under me than I ever imagined you would have.”

Now I was confused. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve been watching you for a while.” He smiled gently. “I’ve been a fan since that gig your band played at the live house down the street a few months back. You’re really amazing with the guitar.”

In truth, I should have been freaked out by all this. I should have threatened the man on top of me to get off and get out, but I didn’t. Instead, I groaned, but I didn’t push him away. Really, how was it any different from when I slept with a female fan?

It must have been the way he looked at me and the alcohol still in my system. No, I couldn’t keep blaming the alcohol. There was something about him. I cupped his cheeks in my hands and smiled before I pulled him into a kiss. This time the kiss was gentle and sweet. Just what the hell was wrong with me?

We went our separate ways after that, but we’d always run into each other at gigs and bars. He was always there with that smile and that mischievous glint in those eyes. I’m not really sure what happened but as time went on I became his lover. We were in a band together – I was the guitarist and he was the vocalist. That didn’t last long though.

He left our band to sing for a more popular one and I became the man backstage giving him my support while he did ‘fan service’ in front of thousands with another man, sometimes with more than one man. It really shouldn’t have bothered me that he did fan service; Gackt was the rock star after all. It was hard not be jealous, but when every time I thought he forgot about me, he always came back to me.

Years passed and Gackt told me he was going solo.

“You, babe, be my guitarist again, please? I hate that you put your dreams aside for me when we could be reaching them together.”

Did he really have to ask? Didn’t he already know my answer? Didn’t he know I’d do anything for him?

The years I spent with him made me dependant on him, not only as a friend, but as a lover. Gackt was my soulmate. The boy really was a monster. He ate my heart and I couldn’t deny him.


I couldn’t help but smile at You when I asked him to be my guitarist again. I knew I didn’t have to ask. I knew that he’d do anything for me. He was always by my side through thick and thin for years. We were each other’s biggest fans, friends, lovers, and soulmates. I knew, when we met, that if I followed him long enough, he’d be mine, and I always got what I wanted. With You, I got so much more than I could ever dream of having.

“Gaku, you know I’ll do anything for you. Even if you lose everything and fall into Hell, I’ll always be by your side.”

Oh yes, I had more than I deserved, but You was mine and I was his.


Author's Notes:
~ I wrote this for my darling wifey [ profile] omg_its_gackt because I luff her and she wanted a songfic based off Monster and Paparazzi by Lady GaGa.
~ Holy wow I finished this in one day AND got it posted.
~ Comments are loved, but never required.
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